Waiver 1

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in the sport of lacrosse for the Annapolis Youth Lacrosse Association (hereafter referred to as AYLA) for the current season. I accept full responsibility for any medical expenses that may be incurred on my child's behalf.

Waiver 2

In consideration for AYLA permitting my child the opportunity of participation in its programs, I do hereby waive, release, and forever discharge AYLA, its officers, members, coaches, representatives, agents, and all game officials, owners or occupants of land, upon which my child might practice or play in said activity, from any and all claims of whatsoever nature as may arise as a result of my child's participation with AYLA, and, I do further agree to indemnify and hold harmless and to keep indemnified the above named individuals from and against all claims, damages, costs (including attorneys fees), expenses, and demands whatsoever, which they may or might otherwise at any time sustain, suffer to be liable for as a result of my child's participation with AYLA.

Waiver 3

I assume total responsibility for all equipment and uniforms assigned to my child during the season and will assure its return in good condition (normal wear expected) at the end of the season or reimburse AYLA for the replacement cost of any item(s) not returned.